Urban Transformation - Project Appraisal

Reel Gayrimenkul Değerleme provides appraisal services for projects as it skillfully converts recently prominent appraisal work targets to financially feasible policies, strategies and solutions in our country. It provides technical data (maps, plans, geological surveys etc.), and services in determining title holders and evaluating properties (lands, constructions, outbuildings etc.) for urban transformation and renovation projects that are primarily conducted by Housing Development and Administration of Turkey [TOKİ for short in Turkish], and also by local administrations.

We also provide appraisal services for buildings or areas that are announced to be risky as per the Law Number 6306 on Transformation of Area under Earthquake Risk, which came into effect after having been published on the official journal dated May 31st of 2012.

We provide the following urban transformation services for risky constructions;

  • Determining current value of the immovable property
  • Determining the land share
  • Determining goodwill and appraisal of legal and current conditions
  • Distribution anticipated in a new structure that will be constructed as part of the urban transformation

We provide the following urban transformation services for risky spots;

  • Ownership & share detection report
  • Goodwill and appraisal report
  • Participation and matching report (participation and matching by and between title holders and contractor)
  • Most effective and best use survey report

A project appraisal involves taking a closer look at the market in which a given real estate is situated, as well as at the expectations, opportunities, threats, marketing power and strategy, advertising capacity in order to calculate an estimated cost and prospective income. Reel Değerleme determines the net present value of a given project based on the foregoing criteria.

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